first post!

so here's the deal. i have been wanting to start a blog for a long time. and i mean a long time. i started one back in college right before i got married. i was engaged, and i couldn't have been more excited about all the possibilities that were about to unravel as we started to see our lives emerge together. so i started a blog. i wanted to remember the whole entire process. the feelings, the emotions, the new beginnings and the new transition. my point was to capture our life along the way, and one day i could look back and remember all of the fun/hard/silly/joyful seasons and days my husband, Jordan, and i went through together. so i started a blog. but after we got married, i stopped. cold turkey! blogged for a whopping 6 months. so now i have reopened that desire with the purpose to be committed to doing something that i love to do, and also cherish so deeply. because in life, really the most important things are the memories, the moments shared, and the little and big joys that come along the way. now i am committed to starting over! yay! this septmeber we will be married for 5 years. we are going on a trip to italy, and it will be our first time to europe. we are beyond excited! i thought this would be a great opportunity to get back in the swing of it, so. here. we. go!

we leave for italy on september 1st. and mind i telling you about the first big adventure Jordan and i went on - we were flying to mexico for our honeymoon. It was Jordan's first time flying and he was prepared. i tell you, prepared is the key word here. he had a binder, yes a binder, that he packed around the airport with our whole itinerary! where we were staying, for how long, what the price was, our plane tickets, our numbers, and all the way down to what you are probably imaging. so this trip will be so fun to see us together, on another big adventure, but with 5 years of marriage under our belt, ha! let's see how the Radfords do :) right now we have a little less than a month to prepare. we have all of our reservations booked. first in milan for one night, then off to cinque terre for three nights, and ending with florence for five nights. we have a tuscany wine tour booked (that i cannot wait for!) that will take place the day before our anniversary, so we will be in florence for the big day. also, we have been doing so good on limiting our sweets & carbs this summer. more so Jordan than myself with the whole - no sugar doing the week thing - but i will give myself credit that i have limited my normal coffee coffee buzz buzz ben & jerry's, which is my goto always. this trip will be filled with many gelato trips, wine, espresso and some of the most amazing pasta i imagine. 

we still have few items left to purchase before we head out. i already got the plug-in adaptor and the external charger for our iphones. just some extra swimwear, sunglasses, hats, and maybe a few dresses/shoes :) always a good reason to get a new pair of shoes right? of course you would get a pair for a vacation to italy! we are both counting down the weeks, and at times it is going by super fast, then slow, which i like both. this summer has been filled with long hours of work, evenings filled with watering our garden, and bike riding ever chance we get. living right in town has made it so fun to just hop on our bikes and go for a stroll.  and also throwing the ball for Porter, his most favorite activity that he instantly wants to do when we arrive home. he will be missed on our trip, but I'm sure he will be spoiled to pieces by my parents, so that puts all of us at ease. we will have plenty of goodies when we return from italy, so it shouldn't be that bad.

so here it is. the very first post that is the start to many more memories and joys to share. this journey is one in the making and my fingers are loving the typing and my mind is at ease as the thoughts spill out. yay! 2017 - you are the start of a great year (8 months in already!) that will contribute to the years to come of the sweetest memories, moments & joys along the way.